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Figuring out how to keep regular magnificence with no cosmetics at all is hard! I realize that I wear my cosmetics constantly – honestly, I even wear it to bed in light of the fact that I neglect to wash it off. There are so many simple ways in which you can enhance and maintain your natural beauty.
So women, how about we investigate the main 6 tips on the most proficient method to keep normal magnificence with no cosmetics by any stretch of the imagination:
1. Drink as much water as you can
You most likely, even definitely know this, however water is totally one of the most ideal approaches to keep your skin looking delightful and hydrated. You ought to drink no less than some water a day, that way you won't need to stress over establishment, in light of the fact that your skin will as of now look delightful.
2. Exfoliation is key
Since you've got your skin hydrated, you additionally need to verify that you scour out the majority of that oil as well. The following tip on the best way to keep characteristic magnificence is about shedding your skin. This can be utilizing a scour that you have or basically utilizing a shedding 
3. Keep it well Oiled
Did you realize that oil is an incredible distinct option for a ton of the creams that you are utilizing? Trust me, this oil is awesome to mollify up your skin and truly make it emerge and shine. Attempt it women and let me know how it functions.
4. Facial hair priming
Simply on the grounds that you are searching for courses on the best way to keep common magnificence without cosmetics, that doesn't mean you can disregard your temples! Trimming, waxing and verifying that you keep those foreheads fit as a fiddle is an incredible approach to keep your characteristic excellence.
5. Spruce it up
Going natural with your skin means that you've chosen to dump the makeup, doesn't mean you can't highlight your eyes another way! Why not wear something that truly starts your eye shading.
6. Focus on the lips
And finally, you need to keep your lips hydrated as well; however you needn't bother with lipstick for that! Only a swipe of the best lipbalm or lip oil, out there and it won't just shine up your lips, yet it will keep them hydrated and delicate as well.


Jawani Phir Nahi Aani a Pakistani multistarrer produced under the banner of Six Sigma Productions & ARY Films, releasing this Eid-Ul-Azha hosted star studded premieres in Karachi recently.
Directed by renowned television director, Nadeem Baig, the movie boasts a huge star cast of A-listers from Pakistani media industry namely Humayun Saeed, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahmed Ali Butt, Vasay Chaudry, Javed Shaikh, Ismail Tara, Bushra Ansari, Sohai Ali Abro, Mehvish Hayat, Ayesha Khan, Sarwat Gilani and Uzma Khan.
Jawani Phir Nahin Aani is releasing across Pakistan, UK, USA, Canada and the Middle East simultaneously on Eid ul Adha.


Fast food lovers all across the globe? Yes, with the changing food standards  in the present world and globally increased trends of the fast foods. People have blindfolded themselves on the hazards caused by these injurious to health food items that are taken on regular basis.
Yes, folks today’s agenda is ‘Fast food is injurious to health’. Today, we will discuss on the fast consumption of fast food and it’s far along consequences that are faced by the population. Hence we move forth:
1. Obesity
People that’s true, as cliché as it may sound . But yes, this is the very first concern faced by the public who consume fast foods more than those who eat it on less regular basis. Obesity is basically the extra /unhealthy fat that accumulates in the body  which DE shapes the body and brings it to discomfort. It triggers hypertension and makes the person short tempered. So, not only it becomes an unhealthy way of life but also unhealthy for the mind.
2. Loss of Appetite & Abnormal digestion
Normal foods contain appetizers which the fast foods do not contain. The long term use of fast foods thus causes loss of appetite and abnormal digestion, sometimes even resulting in food poisoning.
3. Stress
Foods that are rich in fat are also the primary hidden causes of stress. Fast foods are included in foods which are called “pseudo stressors” or “sympathomimetic”, the foods that increase level of stress in the human body due to their high calorie content/fat / blood vessels clogging properties.
. Heart disease
One of the hazards of the fast food consumption is triggering of heart disease. It has been found that people who eat fast food more than four times as week suffer the risk of dying owing to heart disease with an 80%.The high level of saturated/Trans fats found in the food make it vulnerable and prone to heart disease.
5. Peptic Ulcer
Known as PUD stands the peptic ulcer disease which is  a threat caused by the ingesting of fast foods. The ulcers are acidic in nature in comparison to the other areas of the gastrointestinal track of the system.
Poor lifestyle picks by the intake of fast foods leads to the type diabetes . This is usually due to the obesity caused by the fast foods. The development of the diabetes triggers various other health issues in the body.
7. Affects the brain functioning
According to a study which had been published in the ‘journalBrain,Behaviour and Immunity’ indicates that one week consumption of fast foods was sufficient enough to hit on memory impairment on the experimented rats. The recent researches also suggest that Trans fats of the fast foods switch with the healthy fats in the brain. This cause interference with the usual ‘signal-mechanism’ in the brain. The studies in animals have highlighted that fats from such foods reduce the ‘learning’ ability.
8. Kidney disease And Liver Disease
The bad fats can rupture the sodium-potassium balance of the body causing the body to face hypertension. The kidney being the primary organ to filter the blood, gets directly affected by this imbalance. Hence it causes ill/mal functioning of the kidney.Studies have highlighted that excessive consumption of fast foods result into changes in liver enzymes likewise to changes in enzymes by alcohol abuse. Hence fast foods cause liver problems.
9. Cholesterol and high blood pressure
The clogging of arteries due to excess of Trans fats provided by the fast foods result into increased levels of cholesterol, which later charge heart failures. Also, this process causes high blood pressure in the body, which is not only harmful to the heart but also the brain.
10. Increased risks to cancer
Surprised are you? Well, it a hard fact to digest! Yes, fast foods because increased risks towards cancer. This occurs due to their insufficient content to fiber (or no fiber at all). A study published in “European Journal of Cancer Prevention” stated that fast foods are high in sugar and fat, thus they increase the tendency of colorectal cancer.
So, folks fast foods might sound very ‘easy-to-grab’ ‘appealing to taste buds kind of thing’ but they have a list of hazards that may prove much worse than the temporary desire. I suggest you to switch to a healthy diet than just your gut temptations. Save your health save your body. That’s the most fair/sincere thing one could do. Make your mind and body at peace with you, this is the best you can do for yourself.
Author: Haadiyah Mujahid


There are many things that have changed in today’s day and age in Bridal makeup. If you are new to the trends or are about to get married and do not know what is in, we are here to help. Cosmetics for such an exceptional minute in your life ought to reflect who you are.
The topic, shading and feel of your wedding can all be joined into yourwedding cosmetics. The innovativeness of these points of interest doesn't simply apply to a service or gathering any longer. Your cosmeticscan and ought to be an augmentation of the various extremely uncommon points of interest you've put in your wedding outline.
As an expert cosmetics craftsman, my own main goal is to make every spouse look her closest to perfect.
This obliges a great deal more than simply applying cosmetics; it requires the mastery to comprehend what will decipher well in pictures, what functions admirably with the spouse's components, and how she imagines herself on her extraordinary day.
Following are some of the new “it” bridal trends:
1. Minimal is Key
Brides ask for and what most makeup artists suggest.  This look stands the test of time and makes for beautiful wedding photos both now and 50 years from now.
The timeless beauty look is essentially a neutral palette with natural, earth-tone colors on the eyes such as beige, soft gold, ivories, beige-pinks, soft browns and opals. The lips are kept natural and a hint of soft blush accents the cheeks.
2. Softer and Bolder
This is commonly achieved through the bedazzled Smokey eye look.  The smoky eye can be a beautiful bridal makeup technique as it portrays a mysterious sexiness with an added glamour. 
To keep the smoky eye both modern and unique, it’s important to remember that “smoky” is a technique and not a color-choice.  You can achieve a beautiful smoky eye with all colors of eye shadow such as brown, purple, gray, blue and green.
3. A little bit of Happy Color
Another new trend in wedding makeup is incorporating the wedding accent colors into the bridal makeup. Simply adding a touch of color in the inner section or the outer corner of the eye can create an interesting and beautiful look.
Wedding colors can also be tastefully used as a liner in a deeper shade of the same accent color and smudging it around the lash Line.


The event was attended by designers, fashion models, media professionals and celebrities like Aamir Mazhar, Amna Babar, Rana Noman, Aasme, Samreen Vance, Alizeh Gabol, Amber Liaqat, Amna, Faizan, Asif, Shoaeb, Anny, Azhar, Uzma, Imran, Aisha, Mahnoor, Momina, Mariam Mamdot, Mona, Nadia Ramzan, Saira Omer Farooq, Natasha, Shahmeer, Naz Sheikh, Hassan, Nazia Nazir, Rubina, Sadia, Rima Farid, Sadia Asad, Anam Anis, Saima, Sakib Chisti, Sam Dada, Samiaha Khan, Sana, Shelu, Uzma, Babar of Umsha, Yasmin, Zainab, Aamina Yousaf, Zainab Malik and Anum Hammad.
The Event was managed By Savvy PR & Events.

Supermodel Ayyan Ali has decided to follow Islam

Ayyan Ali is famous Super model of Pakistan who had ever felt shame to do any kind of vulgarity. She was arrested in money laundering case. It was also said that she had illegal relationship with ex-president, Asif Ali Zardari. She lived in jail for three months and got released on Eid-ul-Fitr on Bail. As her reputation is destroyed. She is dong good things to maintain her image. From last two months, she has been visiting welfare centres. Now, the news came  that after Nargis and Veena Malik Ayyan Ali has decided to follow Islam. She has contacted Maulana Tariq Jamil. If the news is right that Ayyan Ali has decided to follow Islam, we wish her good luck.

Nargis and Veena decided to follow Islam but they are still in showbiz. Let’s see whether Ayyan Ali will leave Showbiz like Sara Chaudhry or not.
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The 8 Sweetest Summer Dress Styles For 2015

Girls, it’s finally summer out there. Have you already bought a couple of cute dresses to impress your GF’s and Mr. Right this season? If you have not you definitely should check our gallery to find out what dresses are in trend now and worth flaunting. If you already have sweet summer outfits to make summer 2015 rock, you probably want more since every stylish woman dreams about a huge wardrobe and there are never too many dresses. I’m sure you’ll agree! You need to consider your body type before buying new clothes, especially if you are going to shop online. We’ve gathered a few dresses that will make you look marvelous this summer. Without further ado read the article, stay in trend and dazzle the world with your tasteful cute dresses!

1. Polo dress
Fashion always comes back. You probably remember the times when polo dresses were in trend and everyone wore them. There is good news for those who love this type of dress. They are in trend again. First we need to bow down to Ralph Lauren for creating the Polo shirt that’s been embraced by men and women and then to see it lengthened into a shift or short dress. Thanks Ralph! Also check out Jason Wu, U.S. Polo Assn. And Carven for cool styles. So you can dig one out of your closet and put it on right now. No doubt you will look stylish and fashionable. It’s a perfect casual look to try. The Polo just oozes simplicity and cuddles your body so nicely. It’s a girls best mini.
2. Boho chic dress
It doesn’t matter whether you are going to visit music festivals this summer or not, you definitely need to have a boho chic dress in your wardrobe. Chekout Johnny Was, Mod Cloth and Planet Blue to get the idea. The original Boho or Bohemian look hit back in the 1950′s. It’s a look that lets you use vintage items, do some mix and match and toss in some moon beads from the 1960′s hippie era. It gives any girl a real connection with fashion history and an ultra relaxed look. This type of dress perfectly hides all body imperfections (if needed). Do not forget that various kinds of prints are everywhere this year and that can be a really big component in Boho.
3. Spaghetti strap dress
A perfect spaghetti strap dress can make any girl look stylish and sophisticated. You just need to pick the right one. If you want to flaunt such a dress on a date or a cocktail party you need to find a more elegant and feminine dress. The absolutely cool thing with spaghetti is that it’s considered formal (think because the dress is usually long, but the fabrics that craft such dresses is wide open and give you a real sense of style. If you want to add it to your everyday wardrobe stick to something more casual. Check out a sweetheart neck from XOXO, a mermaid cut from Jump or go really daring with a bright fabric double cut-out ruched maxi dress from Baby Phat. All this is affordable style and totally exciting!
4. Pleated dress
Yep, this type of dresses is still in trend. As the photo demonstrates there is nothing school-girlish about this pleated green dress that you can wear without a bra; totally mesmerizing! You probably already have one in your closet. So don’t be afraid to wear it again this summer. You will look absolutely gorgeous and fabulous in it. If the old dress doesn’t attract you, mount an expedition to your local mall. Be on the lookout for hot pleats from Chickwish, Pink Queen or Moschino.
5. Floral dress
You should add vivid colors to your wardrobe, floral offerings are actually a perfect choice this year. Just find the right dress that can highlight your figure and everyone will appreciate your stylish look. Be on the lookout for outstanding florals from Free People, Guess, Jessica Howard and Ralph Lauren. All show real imagination in their floral designs and are as eye catching as you could want. 
6. Watercolor tie dye dress
This is one of our favorite trends this summer. It is bright, creative and incredibly charming. Look to labels like Young, Fabulous and Broke, Splendid Karpaz, and Roberta Roller Rabbit for nicely priced tie-dye fashions. Every girl will look awesome tie-dye fashion. Abstract prints add freshness and gaiety to your everyday wardrobe. But do not overdo the length; mini and midi dresses almost always work great, but maxi dresses can make you look like a clown.
7. Denim dress
Denim absolutely never, ever goes out of fashion! Today there are many stunning denim dresses you can choose from for your everyday look. If you want to hide some imperfections you need to pick a baggier style. If you want to show your stunning figure, buy a tight-fitted dress. In either circumstance you’ll be beautiful. Whose hot in denim this season? Look to American Apparel, Make Me Chic, Chic and Cheerful and our good buddies at Levis.
8. Lace dress
It’s always nice to see a girl in a fabulous lace dress. So feminine and delicate, lace dresses are the perfect frocks to beat the heat and look absolutely dynamite at the same time. It’s impossible to look bad in one of these dresses. They turn women into real show-stoppers and cause men go weak in the knees. If you want to charm a guy on the first date just think LACE! Checkout Gabby Skye, Adrianna Papelli, vFish, Jump Design and Fetherston (this last one screams retro/classic).