Thursday, 14 May 2015

Vanessa Hudgens kept Selena Gomez calm at Met Gala

Close pals Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez held on to each other tight at the Met Gala as the former kept her best friend calm around ex Justin Bieber.
“It helped that Vanessa and Lily (Collins) were there to keep Selena in check. They were like her cheerleaders and just stuck with her the entire night. They weren’t about to let Selena lose her cool with Justin or act too googly eyes with him,” a source was quoted as saying by
Reports have revealed that Gomez has initially planned to avoid Bieber completely, but at the crowded event in New York… there was no escaping the Baby hitmaker. Other insiders however, are now claiming the whole thing was a tactic by Gomez.
“Justin played right into her aloofness, which made him want her even more. It was perfect because  this is exactly what she wanted,” another source told Hollywoodlife. “She loved all the compliments from Justin. She felt like she was on cloud nine with all of the attention. She promised herself and her friends that she would play it cool with him, and it worked,” the source added.

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