Thursday, 24 September 2015


Fast food lovers all across the globe? Yes, with the changing food standards  in the present world and globally increased trends of the fast foods. People have blindfolded themselves on the hazards caused by these injurious to health food items that are taken on regular basis.
Yes, folks today’s agenda is ‘Fast food is injurious to health’. Today, we will discuss on the fast consumption of fast food and it’s far along consequences that are faced by the population. Hence we move forth:
1. Obesity
People that’s true, as clichĂ© as it may sound . But yes, this is the very first concern faced by the public who consume fast foods more than those who eat it on less regular basis. Obesity is basically the extra /unhealthy fat that accumulates in the body  which DE shapes the body and brings it to discomfort. It triggers hypertension and makes the person short tempered. So, not only it becomes an unhealthy way of life but also unhealthy for the mind.
2. Loss of Appetite & Abnormal digestion
Normal foods contain appetizers which the fast foods do not contain. The long term use of fast foods thus causes loss of appetite and abnormal digestion, sometimes even resulting in food poisoning.
3. Stress
Foods that are rich in fat are also the primary hidden causes of stress. Fast foods are included in foods which are called “pseudo stressors” or “sympathomimetic”, the foods that increase level of stress in the human body due to their high calorie content/fat / blood vessels clogging properties.
. Heart disease
One of the hazards of the fast food consumption is triggering of heart disease. It has been found that people who eat fast food more than four times as week suffer the risk of dying owing to heart disease with an 80%.The high level of saturated/Trans fats found in the food make it vulnerable and prone to heart disease.
5. Peptic Ulcer
Known as PUD stands the peptic ulcer disease which is  a threat caused by the ingesting of fast foods. The ulcers are acidic in nature in comparison to the other areas of the gastrointestinal track of the system.
Poor lifestyle picks by the intake of fast foods leads to the type diabetes . This is usually due to the obesity caused by the fast foods. The development of the diabetes triggers various other health issues in the body.
7. Affects the brain functioning
According to a study which had been published in the ‘journalBrain,Behaviour and Immunity’ indicates that one week consumption of fast foods was sufficient enough to hit on memory impairment on the experimented rats. The recent researches also suggest that Trans fats of the fast foods switch with the healthy fats in the brain. This cause interference with the usual ‘signal-mechanism’ in the brain. The studies in animals have highlighted that fats from such foods reduce the ‘learning’ ability.
8. Kidney disease And Liver Disease
The bad fats can rupture the sodium-potassium balance of the body causing the body to face hypertension. The kidney being the primary organ to filter the blood, gets directly affected by this imbalance. Hence it causes ill/mal functioning of the kidney.Studies have highlighted that excessive consumption of fast foods result into changes in liver enzymes likewise to changes in enzymes by alcohol abuse. Hence fast foods cause liver problems.
9. Cholesterol and high blood pressure
The clogging of arteries due to excess of Trans fats provided by the fast foods result into increased levels of cholesterol, which later charge heart failures. Also, this process causes high blood pressure in the body, which is not only harmful to the heart but also the brain.
10. Increased risks to cancer
Surprised are you? Well, it a hard fact to digest! Yes, fast foods because increased risks towards cancer. This occurs due to their insufficient content to fiber (or no fiber at all). A study published in “European Journal of Cancer Prevention” stated that fast foods are high in sugar and fat, thus they increase the tendency of colorectal cancer.
So, folks fast foods might sound very ‘easy-to-grab’ ‘appealing to taste buds kind of thing’ but they have a list of hazards that may prove much worse than the temporary desire. I suggest you to switch to a healthy diet than just your gut temptations. Save your health save your body. That’s the most fair/sincere thing one could do. Make your mind and body at peace with you, this is the best you can do for yourself.
Author: Haadiyah Mujahid

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